Boom Alley Drums® composite lugs

Boom Alley Drums® composite lugs are standard on all tom- toms, floor toms and bass drums built by Boom Alley Drums®. This sleek lug design utilizes a pivoting aluminum tension barrel housed in a high strength composite lug body which retains the vibration qualities unique to each drum shell. The lugs minimal weight and functional design maximizes the feel, tone, and dynamics of each drum.

Boom Alley Drums® - Keller VSS™ Shells

Boom Alley Drums® has primarily used Keller® maple shells for most, but not all custom sets. Keller VSS™ shells and quality control are unparalleled in the industry. Tom shell thicknesses are chosen for vibrational properties, grain similarities, and veneer appearance. The shells are then machined with bearing edges complimenting drumhead collars to maintain proper head seating and vibration. Shells are then finished in a custom lacquer finish or specified covering.

Shell specifications are as follows:

Snare drum shells are 10 ply-5/16ths inch thick (with 10 ply r-rings) . The sturdiness of this shell provides great attack without sacrificing warmth and sensitivity. Contrary to currently accepted thought, our research and customer feedback indicates that todays professional player prefers snare shells to vibrate as little as possible to decrease snare buzz.

Tom shells are 6 ply - 3/16
ths inch thick. • No R-Rings (this re-enforcement is detrimental to the overall vibration, dynamics and sound of the drum.)

Bass Drum shells are 8 ply -1/4 inch thick. •
No R-Rings
Bass Drum Counter Hoops are 10 ply – 5 /16th’s inch thick.

• Available in
a variety of woods: curly maple, solid oak, birch, basswood ect..


Boom Alley Drums® offers many various solid and fade finishes in custom colors. Our lacquer finishes come in either a matt or gloss sheen. I recommend the matt finish to customers because it provides low reflection (great for taking pictures) and minimal smear detection (user friendly).

New E-Z Nub™

Boom Alley Drums® E-Z nubs™ are an industry first! The design makes head changes possibly the fastest and easiest since the inception of the drum claw. They are a standard component on all bass drums.

BoomAlleyDrums-EZnubs advantages:

• Head changes are attainable in the playing position.
• Eliminates removal of tension rods from the lugs to remove hoop and head.
• Re-assembly of claws and tension rods on the drum hoop are eliminated.
• Drastic overall weight reduction.


Boom Alley Drums™ - Snare Drums

Boom Alley™ Snare drums reflect the shell design of 30’s vintage snare drums. All Boom Alley™ snare drums are constructed with 10 ply Shells and 10 Ply re-enforcing rings, then machined with bearing edges shaped to deliver a rock solid feel, focus, and depth of sound. All snare drums come fitted with tubular style lugs, 2.3 steel triple-flanged counter hoops and PureSound™ snares with customer choice of snare throw-offs from Trick Percussion®, Dunnett® or a variety of generic throw-offs.

Snare Throw offs

Boom Alley Drums® recommends that your new custom snare drum be fitted with either of these fine throwoffs.


PureSound™ snare wires

Boom Alley Drums® employ only PureSound™ snare wires on all of its snare drums unless directed otherwise. PureSound™ has become the standard in the industry for attaining a great sounding snare with wonderful response.

Boom Alley Drums offers the latest in innovative percussion technology no matter what your performance level.